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Bobcat Moretti (2021)

Starring: Taryn Manning, Vivica A Fox, Matt Peters, Tim Realbuto, Mindy Sterling, Coolio, and Oscar-Nominee Sally Kirkland.

Director: Rob Margolies

Genre: Drama, Inspirational, Family

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Man & Witch (2021)

Starring: Tami Stronach, Christopher Lloyd, Sean Astin, Rhea Pearlman, Greg Steinbruner,

Director: TBD

Genre: Fantasy, Kid-friendly

Featuring Puppets made by the Jim Henson Creature shop. To be shot in London in 2021.


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Okay Google (2020)

Starring: Rebecca Black, Sam Lucas Smith, Samuel David

Director / DP: Troy Smith, DP of ABC's Mixed-Ish

Genre: Futuristic, Cynical dramedy, Black Mirror-esque Anthonology


Immaturing, A web series (2020)

Starring: Kristen Vaganos, Chris King Wong, Teddy Larsen, Jonathan Sims, Chris Elsenbroek

Director: Kristen Vaganos, Chris King Wong

Genre: Comedy, Ensemble Cast


Much of the cast you fell in love with in Bulge Bracket


Sober (2021)

Starring: Kristen Vaganos

Director: TBD


Genre: Drama, LGBTQ+ themes, Addiction themes

From the Writer/Producer of I Am Lisa